Vertical Form fill seal machine
Quad seal bag is a versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry, most notably in coffee packag
Our continuous motion VFFS machines adopt modular designs that can meet a wide variety of specifications. Suitable for packaging of
1. Ultra-fine powder (e.g. rice flour, milk powder, building materials, coffee powder, seasoning powder, toner) 2. Granular ma
Suitable for free flow powdery materials such as detergent powder, sugar, salt, and granule products like coffee beans, rice, seeds,
Air squeeze liquids packaging machines is ideal for bagging thick creams, gels, sauces with or without particulates, bean paste, syr
This VFFS bagging machine with piston filler system is widely applicated in automatically bagging of viscous liquid,such asketchup,
Suitable for automatically packaging of powdery materials in food,pharmacy, daily chemical, pesticide, plastic products and special
The system is designed to pack organic food products into a most classic pillow bag, suitable for automatically packaging of fresh f
This system suitable for many kinds of fragile and granular products with high accuracy in weight, such as puffed food, frozen food, pe
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